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Understanding careers education in UK schools

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

When a high street name wanted to understand how they could help young people learn more about the range of careers they offer, we helped provide the insight.

The challenge

A big name high street retailer wanted to do more to create interest and awareness of the variety of career opportunities they offer. Working with their education consultants, we helped them understand what teachers and students want to see from careers education, and how their brand could contribute.

The approach

Starting with the schools perspective, we ran focus groups with school careers leaders to understand the needs of schools and young people around careers education, identify where there are gaps in information, and explore how some of the barriers to working with external organisations could be overcome.

We then ran an online qualitative discussion group with teenagers to understand their perceptions of the brand, their experiences of careers education, and what careers education they felt they needed.

The insight

The findings from both parts of the research helped the organisation to understand the educational landscape around careers education, and what is important to schools at different key stages. We helped the organisation identify where they could best add value to careers education and work experience. Our report gave clear recommendations that could be implemented when planning how to work more closely with schools, and how to make the brand an appealing work experience option for pupils themselves.

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