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Market research for education & learning

Share your thinking

We can only do what we do because of the amazing people who are happy to share their time and their opinions.

We really value those who are signed up to our Teacher Panel to take part in research. We promise:

  • Fair payment for the time you give us

  • Payment within 5 working days of completion

  • To abide by all ethics and research codes of practice

  • Relevant projects and engaging tasks

If you are currently working as a teacher anywhere in the world, we would love you to sign up to our teacher research panel. Our projects mostly cover: 

  • UK schools

  • International schools teaching an international curriculum

  • English language teaching

If you are interested in taking part in market research but don't meet the criteria for our Teacher Panel, follow our Facebook page where we occasionally post other research opportunities.


Who are you looking for? Our projects mostly cover UK schools and colleges, International schools, English Language Teaching If you are a teacher or school leader working in one of these areas, we want to hear from you and would love you to sign up to our Teacher Panel. We sometimes have other projects for learners or other professionals - if you are interested in taking part in these we suggest following our Facebook page ( to see opportunities when we are looking for people.

What will I be asked to do? We know you are busy! Our research ranges from 5 minute online surveys to longer studies asking for a couple of hours of your time spread over a few days or a couple of weeks. The average time commitment for most projects is usually around 45 - 90 minutes for an interview or small group discussion. Our research includes interviews (usually by Zoom), online focus groups, surveys and online communities.

What does taking part in an online community involve? Online communities are usually made up of groups of people with something in common - this could be teachers, students, or people who use a particular resource such as a language learning app. We conduct research with people around the world, so you could be interacting with people in the same country as you or with people from a whole range of countries. Insightful Research online communities usually last 3-5 days, and you would typically spend 20-30 minutes per day taking part. We post questions and tasks each day for you to complete in written English, and you can also interact with other people who are taking part. Our researchers will read your comments and ask follow-up questions. We often hear from participants who tell us how much they enjoyed taking part in our online community.

Do I need to join an online community at a particular time, and will there be any live calls? Our online communities are open 24 hours a day and you don’t need to join the discussion at a particular time of day. You can log in and complete each day’s tasks at whatever time works best for you. We don’t tend to include any live video calls because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to join in. However, we do include a variety of tasks and we ask questions in different formats, to keep things interesting.

What do you do with my data? We will keep your contact details for up to a year in case we need to contact you, and after this we will delete all of your details. We won’t share this data with anyone outside of Insightful Research. If you have signed up to be part of the Insightful Teacher Panel we will keep your details for as long as you want to be a part of it. When you take part in an online community, the conversations may be viewed by the client who commissioned the research and their team. However they won’t know who you are, and you do not have to use your full name in the community - you can even use a nickname if you prefer. We use quotes from our research in the reports we write for our clients but we do not link quotes to any information that could identify you personally. Each project is different and if we want to use your data in a way that would identify you (e.g. showing video clips) we will tell you about this and ask for your permission before the research starts.

How much will I be paid? Incentives vary depending on the project and the time commitment, but for an interview or focus group you can usually expect to receive between £30 - £100 (or the equivalent in your currency) depending on what we ask you to do. Surveys usually offer the chance to enter a prize draw with multiple smaller prizes.

How do I get paid? Payment methods can vary from project to project, but the information below covers the most frequently asked questions. Not every project is paid, but we will make that clear when we invite you to take part. If you are in the UK (and sometimes overseas), it is most likely that you will be paid via our payment provider Ayda – look out for an email from them to claim your payment, or check your spam folder if it hasn’t arrived. If you are in Europe, Australia, USA, China, India, Malaysia or UAE, it is most likely that you will be paid via Wise – look out for an email from them to claim your payment, or check your spam folder if it hasn’t arrived. Note that you must reply to their email within 5 days or the money will be returned to us. If you are in Africa, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, it is most likely that you will be paid via Western Union. We will ask for your details and then share the pickup number once payment has been made. Please note that it is very important that the information you give us matches your government issued ID exactly, otherwise you will not be able to collect your payment.

Why haven't I received my payment yet? We pay all research participants within 5 working days of the research being completed. If 5 working days have not yet passed, please wait to hear from us. Emails from Ayda, Wise or Western Union can sometimes go to your spam folder, so please check your spam folder before you contact us.

Participant FAQs
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