Insightful Research was launched by Jill Elston in 2012. Prior to starting the company, Jill had a long career working in academic, education and ELT publishing and was previously a Senior Market Research Manager for Pearson ELT. She is a member of the Market Research Society.


Jill is a displaced Lancastrian who has lived in Cambridge for over 20 years. When she is not working, she is an avid reader, likes to bake and cook and spends time trying to understand the intricacies of Marvel, Minecraft and Fortnite so she can understand what her teen and pre-teen boys and their friends are talking about.

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Wider team

We couldn't do what we do alone. We have a range of other professionals that we can call on to support on larger research projects. By doing this, we can offer scaleable, agile teams that bring together the most qualified people for the job at hand.

Some of the people we regularly collaborate with include:

  • International researchers with language skills that mean we can carry out research in a range of different languages and markets. We have reliable partners who have previously worked with us in Brazil, India, China, Turkey, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

  • Other qualitative researchers who can support with extra resource for larger interviewing projects - some with specialist knowledge of different areas of education. All the researchers we work with are senior and highly experienced.

  • Quantitative specialists and data analysts who can support on advanced quantitative methods and analysis.

  • Recruiters who work with us to find participants for research. We work with some of the best in the business, including those accredited under the Market Research Society's new Recruiter Accreditation Scheme. They help us find people to take part who fit a particular profile.

  • Consultants with specialisms in related areas - such as membership or diversity.