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Our insight helped a tech company decide on next steps for a language-learning app

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The challenge

Our client was exploring opportunities for development of a new language learning app and needed to test their initial product concept ideas. They needed to understand the appeal of their product proposition, any barriers to usage, and potential customers’ likelihood of using the app.

The main difficulty was that the target audience were general consumers in a range of overseas markets, who by definition as early-stage English language learners were not able to take part in research in English. We needed to conduct a multilingual study to get to the insight.

The approach

Tapping into our network of international researchers, we pulled together an agile team of specialist researchers in the key markets of China, Brazil and Turkey – where participants were interviewed in their first language.

We interviewed people who were currently learning English and had experience using language apps, using Skype so that visual concepts could be shared.

The insight

We helped the client better understand the motivations of learners who engage with language learning apps, including identifying the language skills that they most want to improve. We identified the aspects of the product proposition that were most appealing to potential users, signposted areas of the product proposition that did not strongly resonate, and were able to suggest a number of ways the product proposition could be improved.

None of this insight would have been possible if we hadn’t been able to talk directly to learners, in their own language.


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