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Delivering stakeholder insights for FSRH

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

We helped the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health explore different approaches to delivering professional training.

The challenge

The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH) delivers training to doctors and health professionals which is led by volunteer trainers and co-ordinated by regional training advisors. FSRH wanted to understand more about the experiences of those in volunteer positions, and explore how their volunteer experience could be improved.

The approach

We set out to understand the experiences of volunteers past and present, including the motivations for volunteering, gaps in perception and the reality of the role, and what additional support may be needed for volunteers.

We conducted a series of depth telephone interviews with current and lapsed volunteers to uncover some of the issues and provide an independent perspective from outside the organisation.

The insight

We were able to identify clear reasons why the current structure and volunteer roles were not working as effectively as the organisation would like. Our report gave clear and actionable insight on how the FRSH could support their volunteers going forwards, and suggested some restructuring of roles and responsibilities for more effective training delivery.

What they said

“We commissioned Jill to carry out research with our trainers. These important healthcare professionals deliver our training and we needed to know more about them/their experience of the role. Jill did a fabulous job. She quickly got to grips with our fairly complicated structure and involved language.  She produced a really clear, insightful and actionable report including important themes for us to know. It read like it was produced by somebody internal! She was really straight forward to work with, was good at keeping us updated and worked to short timelines. Would highly recommend her.”

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