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Market research for education & learning

Think differently...

Do you need a new perspective on your next project?

At Insightful Research we will challenge your assumptions, test your ideas, and help you understand your market.

We are experts in conducting market research for the education and learning sectors. Whatever questions you have, we deliver insight that will give you clarity and help you to confidently move forward.

About us

We are experts in market research for education and learning at any stage of life, and have been established for over ten years.

Our sectors

We work across the education spectrum from early years to professional development, in the UK and internationally.

Some of our clients

Our clients are some of the biggest names in education, including publishers, awarding bodies, membership organisations, educational institutions or anyone else who needs to understand more about how people learn, develop and teach others.

What clients say...

“The outcomes of the qualitative research that Insightful Research did for us have been crucial in helping us focus our product development work. Assumptions we had made turned out to be wrong, and Jill was able not only to capture this fact but to make recommendations that are now guiding our choices of features to develop, confident that we know they will meet customer expectations."
Cambridge University Press

What you can expect from us

Sound advice

 We will give you advice on methodology to achieve your objectives and stay within your budget

A clear plan

You will have a clear and detailed project plan so that you always know what to expect, with regular updates keeping you informed

Expert team

Research is carried out by an experienced senior-level team working to the highest standards and ethics

Compelling outputs

Thoughtful analysis leading to insightful reports with clear recommendations that are relevant to your organisation

How can we help?

If you would like to ask our advice, book a
no-obligation 30 minute consultation with us to discuss your research requirements or to simply have a chat and find out more about what we do.

Alternatively, use the briefing form to start discussing a new project, give Jill Elston a call on +44 (0)7703 462179 or email us

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