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Membership Organisations

Our research helps membership organisations and professional bodies develop their member qualification, accreditation and CPD offer.

Insightful Research specialises in researching education and learning at every stage of life. Whether your organisation seeks to develop programmes that inspire and engage young people at school or just starting out on their professional journey, understand the experience of your student members, or engage those already established in their career who need specialist skills and qualifications to continue their professional development we can provide the research and insight to help you meet the needs of your members and stakeholders.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, please contact us.

Some of our clients

Past projects

  • Carrying out a survey of nurse members about their membership and CPD needs for the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • Helping the Royal Society of Chemistry understand the experiences of those seeking Chartered Chemist status to further develop the award

  • Carrying out stakeholder research to inform a new education strategy for a leading medical association

  • Interviews with paramedics about their CPD needs to inform the development of new resources

  • Focus groups and interviews with student members of a professional body to understand more about their learning journey and member experience

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