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English Language
Teaching & Learning


We have worked in the ELT sector for over 20 years, so if you need a market researcher who fully understands the market landscape and who just 'gets' all the terminology without having to explain it - you're in the right place.

We talk to teachers and learners about all aspects of English language teaching and learning, for a range of clients. Where we can we conduct the research in English, but we also have associates who can work in other languages to get deeper insights from those with a lower level of English proficiency.

Below are a few of examples of research projects in the ELT sector. If you have a project you would like our help with, please contact us.

Past projects

  • Research with English teachers to inform the development of new textbooks and teaching materials for a range of clients - from early years to adult

  • Interviewing English language learners about their experiences of using different learning apps to support the development of a new dictionary app

  • Conducting an online research community with English teachers from around the world on their opinions of digital assessment

  • Interviewing university admissions staff about their English language testing requirements

  • Carrying out an online discusson panel with English teachers in France to understand more about the needs of the French ELT market

  • Running focus groups with teachers to inform new testing and assessment products

  • Desk research into the corporate language learning market

  • Research with customers of a leading language learning brand to understand more about their language learning journey and recognition of different brands

  • Creating brand personas to inform marketing of an English qualification

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