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Academia and Research

We work with publishers and scholarly societies to understand the needs of the academic and research communities, particularly when it comes to publishing and disseminating research findings.

We talk to academics, researchers and those in associated professions, such as librarians.

Below are a few of examples of research projects in the careers and professional development sector. If you have a project you would like our help with, please contact us.


Past projects

  • Survey about Open Access publishing options for the Royal Society of Chemistry

  • Interviewing academics about issues related to the publishing proccess, including peer review and open access issues

  • Desk research into the academic conference market and the impacts of the pandemic

  • Online focus groups for a professional association to inform the development of a new membership offer

  • Desk research to inform the positioning and target market for new academic journals

  • Online survey of authors for an academic publishers to help them understand author perceptions of publishing with them

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