Publishing research

We carry out market research for a number of publishing clients. With a background in academic and education publishing, Jill Elston understands the market and the needs of clients in this sector.

We work mainly with academic, professional and education publishers and have a particular expertise in ELT publishing. We carry out research at every stage of the publishing product life cycle, from scoping new markets and identifying customer needs, to post-publication testing and planning for new editions.

We research audiences including teachers, learners, academics, librarians, booksellers and professionals.

Some of our work in this sector

  • Desk research to identify key markets for new academic journals

  • Teacher interviews to inform the development of a new English language course for young learners

  • Focus groups with teachers to inform future development of a primary phonics course

  • Depth interviews with academics in a range of subject areas to understand attitudes and needs regarding open access publishing

  • Focus group with booksellers to understand needs and preferences towards cover design

  • Online panel research with teachers to inform the design and characters to be included in a new primary English course

  • Qualitative user experience interviews to inform the development of a new learning app

  • Interviewing paramedics to understand their needs and help inform development of a leading professional learning resource

  • Survey amongst teachers to help identify key product priorities to inform new product development

  • Online panel to test a new publishing proposition with learners